Firm Profile

Our first objective is to be the best CPA firm in the areas we serve by helping our clients obtain maximum profits. We achieve this objective by dedicating ourselves to the following principles:

Quality Service: We hire only competent people, train them fully, evaluate them regularly, offer competitive compensation, and encourage continued training and specialization. We strive to develop each employee’s professional abilities to the maximum.

Timely Service: To be of the highest quality, our service must meet deadlines without sacrificing quality.

Growth: We plan to grow both in size and in the range of services we offer. To accomplish this, we seek clients who are growing. We will continue to become skilled in new areas, to recommend needed additional services for existing clients and to create new services within our firm.

Personal Fulfillment: We hire people who are personally compatible with the firm. We look for employees who are self-starters. We encourage freedom of expression, so long as it does not infringe on other employees’ rights. We encourage personal growth.